Wavetables for DUNE2 by Mark Holt

You're here because you want additional wavetables for Synapse Audio's flagship software synth "DUNE2", correct?


Then let's get stuck in...


These were previously uploaded to box.com:


This one is simple, but very special.
It's your gateway to waveshaping with DUNE2, e.g., phase modulation and distortion.


This is what it looks like:


And this is an example of what you can turn it in to:

Yamaha 2-op

Note that I have two voices here panned hard left and right with a pitch difference for Osc2 of 12 semitones.

Try changing the modulation amounts using velocity, aftertouch, envelopes, LFOs, MSEGs, etc., and even Osc3 for something more extreme.

Try using more than one voice to do parallel modulations, e.g., 2 voices for 4-op, 3 voices for 6-op, all the way up to 8 voices for 16-op FM!

By combining this approach with DUNE2's native FM, plus Osc3 and some minor compromises, it's possible to emulate all 32 algorithms of the Yamaha DX7!

One could even imagine combinations that don't exist yet...

Using all 8 voices as parallel FM modules, one could devise a 56-op FM patch, although you might want to upgrade your computer first!


Here's an audio example of a velocity and envelope modulated 3-op serial FM patch:



Morphed wavetables as FM modulators


Using a smooth morphing wavetable for Osc2 such as Partial Sweep 1 with an envelope to modulate WT position looks like this:





Phase Distortion using wavetables...





0 Hz oscillators

Custom/complex LFOs using wavetables


More wavetables and DUNE2 patches will appear here in the near future as well as further information, tips, tricks and audio examples.

If you would like to see these wavetables available for other purposes then please put a request in to the comments section below.


Please feel free to donate via the button below. A lot of work has gone in to producing these wavetables and patches.

Small tokens of appreciation will lead to continued development and further uploads.



© 2016 Mark Holt
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